You’ve been framed

If you’ve ever framed an image, you’ll know that the framing cost often outweighs the material cost of the print – even if you can find an ‘off-the-shelf’ frame that suits your needs. And yet there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your work hanging on the wall or, perhaps even better, someone else’s wall.

I don’t believe it!

It’s said that ‘seeing is believing’. In reality, our eyes and our brain deceive us all the time, throwing into question what is real (objective reality) and what is illusion (perceptional reality). As a photographer it’s important to be aware of the tricks that our eyes and our brain can play on us. When I…

Tell me ma

At 5am the air was warm and heavy; along the banks of the river a few dots of light pierced the darkness, the only sign of habitation; the karst mountains, for which the region is famous, could barely be seen looming in that half-light that is not yet dawn but no longer night; the only…

Patience on a monument

YIt lasted 7 minutes and was as thrilling as it was unexpected. This is the story of how I came to create my image that appears on the cover of a new book about Venice, Dream of Venice in Black and White. I took the shot in January 2017, planning my trip to Venice to coincide…

Veni, Video, Vici

“I can’t wait to see your images” is a phrase I hear fairly often. I’m not complaining. It’s gratifying that people want to see my images from my travels to far-flung corners of the world, but without wishing to sound ungrateful, it makes my heart sink. That and, “I bet you got some great images”.

What’s in a name?

Sometimes, one of the most challenging aspects of photography is not taking or processing an image, but naming it. This shouldn’t be the case – in my day job, I’m a Communications Consultant, words are my trade. And yet there are times when I struggle to find an appropriate title. But how important is a…

Getting to know you

It’s taken a while, but it happened in Japan last year and again in Venice last week. I went out shooting and didn’t click the camera shutter once. Learning when not to take a photograph is as important, and perhaps more difficult, than learning when to take one.

Feeling blue

I love the sea. For me, more than any other natural environment, the sea invokes feelings of wellbeing, creativity and calm; I can think of no better lullaby than the sound of the waves on the shore. I’m far from alone. Water has inspired painters, photographers, writers, poets and musicians for centuries, drawn to its…

The Imitation Game

A photography tour to Japan with Michael Levin, visiting some of his favourite locations, started me thinking about the tricky subject of imitation. 

Seeing differently

What does Schlinder’s List have in common with a medieval illustrated manuscript of Saint Catherine? An exhibition at the National Gallery provides the answer. For an art form that began its life in monochrome, perhaps it’s not surprising that many photographers (and some filmmakers) continue to favour black and white over colour. But why have…

Good housekeeping

I love a good clear out. There’s something very cathartic and empowering about letting go of the old and, in doing so, making way for the new. As well as being reflected in my home, this approach is reflected in my photography, in particular, my approach to image storage.

It’s good to be square

5:4, 6:4, 7:5, 16:9. I’ve tried, I have, but there’s something about 1:1, the square format, that speaks to my heart when it comes to creating images. With its sides of equal length, the dependable square appeals to my sense of order, balance and harmony. Perhaps, as this blog’s title suggests, it’s also a little conventional…