More than an image

Amongst the endless Twitter campaigns and hash tags, there are two that struck me, as much because each one answers the question that the other posses.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, opera mezzo-soprano, Joyce DiDonato, was inspired to create a new album In War & Peace. It is her artistic response to the darkness and chaos she sees around her. As part of this project, DiDonato is asking her listeners, “In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?”. Some might call it a canny marketing ploy, but anyone who has followed DiDonato’s Twitter feed or heard her speak will know that it’s a genuine and heartfelt attempt to reach out to her audience and change the public discussion by shining the spotlight on the goodness in the world (#TalkPeace).

When I read the question, my answer was immediate: photography. Photography is how I find peace. It creates quiet moments in my life by giving me a reason to wander aimlessly, to peer into bushes, to lie on the grass, to stare at the sky, and to find time to appreciate the beauty in the everyday. It absorbs me, both physically and mentally, and anchors my thoughts in the present. My images are an expression of these quiet moments and of the peace and contemplation I feel when I’m out with my camera.

The second Twitter hash tag is #MoreThanAnImage. Equipment retailer, Wex Photographic, is asking the question What does photography mean to you?” My answer is simply this: it is how I find peace amidst the chaos.

You can join the conversations and submit your response here:

Watch Joyce DiDonato’s In War & Peace video here:

The featured image is from copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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